This site is dedicated to the promotion, development and celebration of anarchy.

Once known proudly as ‘the beautiful idea’, anarchism is now perhaps the most maligned and misunderstood of all philosophical/political standpoints. Which is a great shame, because adherence to anarchist principles really can open up a world of beauty, creativity and freedom.

In the modern media anarchy is often used as a synonym for chaos, violence, disorder and mob rule. Anarchists do indeed see a potential for positive change when authoritarian systems break down and will actively seek to transform riot into insurrection when the opportunity arises, but a logically developed anarchist society would be (and indeed has been) far from chaotic or violent – nor would it be a society that is completely alien to us. Writer and magician Alan Moore sums up anarchism perfectly (which is why the interview this quote is taken from is also the first post on this blog):

It … occurred to me that, basically, anarchy is in fact the only political position that is actually possible. I believe that all other political states are in fact variations or outgrowths of a basic state of anarchy; after all, when you mention the idea of anarchy to most people they will tell you what a bad idea it is because the biggest gang would just take over. Which is pretty much how I see contemporary society. We live in a badly developed anarchist situation in which the biggest gang has taken over and have declared that it is not an anarchist situation—that it is a capitalist or a communist situation. But I tend to think that anarchy is the most natural form of politics for a human being to actually practice. All it means, the word, is no leaders.

An-archon. No leaders.

One thing’s for certain, anarchy is in desperate need of a PR overhaul. Circled ‘A’s, black flags, black blocs, punk rock, riot and rebellion are all vitally important symbols/actions in the face of soul-crushing authoritarianism, but these means to an end have become confused with the end itself. Anarchy is not rebellion; rebellion is a means to deliver anarchy. Despite the constant misuse of the term in media, the end goal of anarchy is a peaceable, equitable and just human society built upon on the principles of cooperation, freedom and mutual aid.

It is important to fight against all forms of authoritarian control (whether economic, ideological or religious) no matter how benevolent it may seem to be, but we also have to work together to show the depth and potential of anarchist philosophy until it is once again widely known as ‘the beautiful idea.’

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